June 2010
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Cape Town, South Africa
December 4, 2022, 7:40 pm
Partly sunny
Partly sunny
humidity: 63%
wind speed: 22 mph S
sunrise: 5:27 am
sunset: 7:45 pm
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December 4, 2022, 7:40 pm
Partly cloudy
Partly cloudy
humidity: 64%
wind speed: 7 mph S
sunrise: 5:01 am
sunset: 6:35 pm
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December 4, 2022, 8:40 pm
Partly cloudy
Partly cloudy
humidity: 67%
wind speed: 9 mph E
sunrise: 6:17 am
sunset: 6:29 pm
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Day09-6/29/10-Tue, Fairbanks, AK

University of Alaska, Fairbanks – 0 miles

No SPOT Sat Tracking today.

We are holed up in the University of Alaska-Fairbanks dorm room waiting for a break in the weather.  Today rain, tomorrow looks good.

Today we are doing laundry, going to Walmart, testing to see if the fuel transfer problem on Jack’s bike is fixed, meeting up with [...]

Day08-6/28/10-Mon, Fairbanks, AK

Glennallen, AK to Fairbanks, AK – 336 miles

Jack and I meet and head over to the Copper Center Lodge for a man’s breakfast.  2 huge pancakes, 2-eggs, & sausages.

We do a little service on our bikes and pack up to head to Fairbanks, 252 miles.

We ride north on Alaska State Hwy 4 Glennallen to Delta Junction. [...]

Day07-6/27/10-Sun, Glennallen, AK

Tok, AK to Glennallen, AK – 138 miles

It rained all night.  Today is a rest and coordination day.

I’m trying to meet Jack in Glennallen.   He doesn’t answer his mobile phone and the message box is full.  Brian Roberts had left a set of Continental TKC80 Twinduro Dual Sport rear and front tires with Jack when he [...]

Day06-6/26/10-Sat, Tok, AK

Fort Nelson, BC, CN to Tok, AK – 956 miles

This morning, I left Fort Nelson in the rain.

Had a frustrating departure situation at the Ramada, Fort Nelson.  The Ramada is one of those older units with traditional cut keys.  I lost the key.  Typically a hotel charges $15-25 buck to replace the key.  After going through [...]

Day05-6/25/10-Fri, Fort Nelson, BC

Edmonton, AB, CN to Fort Nelson, BC, CN – 631 miles

Left late – 8:44AM.  Did the SPOT track “OK” correct but messed up the “track” mode.

Gary and I leave together.  The chances of us staying together is not good.  His BMW is bone stock.  No fuel cell, which means refilling every 150-175 miles.  No [...]

Day04-6/24/10-Thu, Edmonton, Alberta, CN

Idaho Falls, ID to Edmonton, Alberta, CN – 858 miles

Today was get on the road and hammer down.

Left Idaho Falls at 7:58AM.  I had one hour of beautiful sunny, blue skies with puffy clouds before it started to overcast.  Thank goodness for electric grips!  Between Dillon and Butte it was wet and cold.  No rain, just [...]

Day03-6/23/10-Wed, Idaho Falls, ID

Fernley, NV to Idaho Springs, ID – 687 miles

6:30AM – The dirt test is good.  I make the decision to continue with the lighten load.  I’m leaving some of my security in that pile in Brian’s garage but this was a good lesson for me on how extreme I am on overpacking of motorcycle trips.

I’m on [...]

Day02-6/22/10-Tue, Fernley, NV

Cressey, CA to Fernley, NV – 330 miles

Ray Blair arrives on his “new to him” V-Strom DL650 at 10AM.  After a brief introduction to my folks, we are off to Fernley, NV at 10:30AM.  The loosey-goosey, wobbly feel continues (again only at walking speeds).  At freeway speeds there is no hint of instability.  Ray and I [...]

Day01-6/21/10-Mon, Cressey, CA

Lemon Heights, CA to Cressey, CA – 330 miles

Bike packed and ready.  Everything tested good on the garage lift and on minor rides around town. This is the V-Strom #2’s shake down cruise.

I’m carrying the Continental TKC80 Twinduro Dual Sport rear and front tires.  This is a heavy load for the bike!  But I have loaded [...]

Day minus1-6/20/10-Sun, Lemon Heights, CA (Garage)

Father’s Day/Tanji Garage


In 2008, we had Michelin Anakee’s for tires.
Front: 110/80R19 59V TL Anakee
Rear:  150/70R17 69V TL Anakee

This combination did not last the 9,000+ miles R/T.  Lisa ran out of rubber in Salt Lake City and had to make a rear tire change.

This year:
Front: Metzler ME-880 Marathon 160/70 B17 M/C 73H, $154.95, Southwest Moto Tires
Rear:  Continental Road [...]