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Cape Town, South Africa
May 19, 2022, 1:09 am
Mostly cloudy
Mostly cloudy
humidity: 93%
wind speed: 7 mph NNW
sunrise: 7:34 am
sunset: 5:50 pm
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May 19, 2022, 1:09 am
humidity: 87%
wind speed: 0 mph N
sunrise: 6:27 am
sunset: 5:21 pm
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May 19, 2022, 2:09 am
Mostly clear
Mostly clear
humidity: 79%
wind speed: 4 mph NNE
sunrise: 6:28 am
sunset: 6:31 pm
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Arctic Circle and a Fan Club

Wed, May 30, 2012

Route: Route E6 from Narvik to Mosjoen

Mileage: 676 km (420 miles)

Money: Norway’s Kroner 1kr = $0.17 USD or $1 USD = kr 6.02

Fuel: 14.93 kr/L = $2.48 USD/L = $9.39/gal

Weather: Light snow, rain, and brief patches of blue sky

Lodging: Hotel Milano, ‪Vollanvegen 41, Mosjoen, Norway

Sunrise & Sunset: 24-hour of [...]

Can’t get enough of this wonderful Norwegian Snow!

Tue-June 29, 2012

Route: Hammerfest to Skaidi then N6 to Narvik

Mileage: 683 km (424 miles)

Money: Norway’s Kroner 1kr = $0.17 USD or $1 USD = kr 6.02

Fuel: 15.68 kr/L

Weather: Overcast, light snow, hard blowing North Sea winds!

Sunrise & Sunset: 24-hour of sunshine!!!

It’s snow sprinkling when we wake up in Hammersfest.  Still snowing when we depart [...]

Nordkapp – The Northern most road in Western Europe

Mon-June 28, 2012
Snow – Nordkapp – Snow – Nordkapp

Route: Hammerfest to Nordkapp and back to Hammerfest

Mileage: 431 km (268 miles) RT

Money: Norway’s Kroner 1kr = $0.17 USD or $1 USD = kr 6.02

Fuel: 15.68 kr/L

Weather: Entire day — light snow, rain, hail, and hard blowing North Sea winds

Sunrise & Sunset: 24-hour of sunshine!!!

Martin is in good [...]

On our way to Nordkapp…

Today is Tue, May 29, 2012.

I’m way behind on the daily stuff so this is a digest version.  Some of you may notice our last few days have centered around Hammerfest, Norway.  Like all rides major events change goals and directions.

Long story short, on Sunday, May 27, ~5:00 [...]

St Petersburg

Thu-May 24, 2012

Location: St Petersburg, Russia

Lodging: Hotel Moscow

$1 USD = Russian Ruble pyδ 31.98

Gas/Fuel in St Petersburg, Russia: 29.60 Rubles/L.  Very cheap!  Approx $3.48/gal

Weather: Clear blue skies today!  But it is getting chillier.

Hotel Moscow. Turned out to be a huge tour hotel. It was selected [...]

We’re in the USSR!

Wed-May 23, 2012

Location: Narva Estonia to St Petersburg, Russia

Lodging: Hotel Moscow

Euro: $1 USD = Russian Ruble pyδ 30.098

Gas/Fuel in St Petersburg, Russia: Very cheap!  €1.68/l = $2.24 USD/l or $8.28 USD/gal!

Weather: Clear blue skies today!

As we loaded up, we smelled gas.  I didn’t [...]

Geocaching & Lighthouses

Tue-May 22, 2012

Location: Riga, Latvia to Narva Estonia

Lodging: Central Hotel, Narva

Euro: €1 = $1.33 USD, $1 USD = €0.75

Gas/Fuel in ?

Weather: Cloudy in the early AM, clear blue skies rest of the day

Martin is a geocacher.  We followed him to some very interesting location along our route to St Petersburg.

Martin is [...]

Geographic Center of Europe – Lithuania

Mon-May 21, 2012

NOTE: Photo’s and additional narrative added to Warszawa, Poland post.

Location: Warsaw, Poland to Riga, Latvia

Lodging: Best Hotel, Riga

Money: 1 Latvian Lat = $1.85 USD

Weather: Clear blue skies today!

Crossing International Borders in the European Union

Today we ride from Warsaw, Poland, through Lithuania, to Riga, Latvia.  The roads were [...]

Warszawa, Poland (Warsaw)

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Route:  Bamberg, Germany to Warsaw, Poland – 900 km (560 miles)

Money: 1 Polish Zloty = $0.307 USD

Gas:  5.81 Polish Zloty/liter of gas

Lodging:  The Hotel Twins 2

It was warm and clear today!  Being a Sunday, there are no trucks on the Autobahn.  We made great time on the [...]

End-Of-The-Road Europe

Over the next week we break new 2-wheel ground (for us) — Poland, Lithuania, Lativia, Estonia, Russia, Finland, Norway, & Sweden

Our goal is Nordkapp, Norway, Europe’s northern end-of-the-road!  It is considered Europe’s northernmost point.  It is also considered one of the start/stop points for rider’s who are riding across [...]