January 2011
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Cape Town, South Africa
December 4, 2022, 9:28 pm
Partly cloudy
Partly cloudy
humidity: 63%
wind speed: 22 mph S
sunrise: 5:27 am
sunset: 7:45 pm
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December 4, 2022, 9:28 pm
humidity: 68%
wind speed: 4 mph ENE
sunrise: 5:01 am
sunset: 6:35 pm
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December 4, 2022, 10:28 pm
Mostly cloudy
Mostly cloudy
humidity: 77%
wind speed: 9 mph ENE
sunrise: 6:17 am
sunset: 6:29 pm
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Day35-Cuzco Rest & Route Day, Mon, Jan 31, 2011

Spent day getting organized!

Start & Stop: Cuzco, Peru

Mileage: 0 miles

Hotel: Hotel Jose Antonio, $100 USD, including Desayuno and parking

Fuel: 95: $11-13 Sol/gal or $5 USD/gal

Currency Exchange: $1 USD = 2.74 Peruvian Nuevo Sol

Dean: Our original plan was to get up early go to the train station (1 block away) and board the bus to Machu [...]

Day34-Oh Dear! Water Crossings, Sun, Jan 30

Huashuccasa Pass 4470m (14,665′) elevation, a beautiful high mountain plateau with snow all around us

Start & Stop: Puquio, Peru to Cuzco, Peru

Mileage: 320 miles

Hotel: Hotel Jose Antonio, $100 USD, including Desayuno and parking

Fuel: 95: $11-13 Sol/gal or $5 USD/gal

Currency Exchange: $1 USD = 2.74 Peruvian Nuevo Sol

PE28A starts from Nazca and ends at Cuzco. [...]

Day33-Nazca Lines and the Abra Condorcenca Pass 4140m (13,582′), Sat, Jan 29, 2011

To fly over the Nazca Lines you need a passport, tourist ticket, $90 USD plane ticket, and a $7.50 USD airport fee.

Nazca Lines … We can now say “Been There, Done That!!!”

Flight orientation. Let's go.



Lisa putting on her heated [...]

Day32-The Road to Nazca, Fri, Jan 28, 2001

Start & Stop: Lima, Peru to Nazca, Peru,

Mileage: 425 miles

Hotel: Hotel Alegria, JR Lima No. 166, Nazca, Peru (Copas Waypoint), $33 USD

Fuel: 95: $11-13 Sol/gal or $5 USD/gal

Currency Exchange: $1 USD = 2.74 Peruvian Nuevo Sol

PanAm Toll:  Nada for motocicletas. Bear right at each toll gate to find a narrow passway for motocicletas.  Unlike Colombia [...]

Day31–, Lima, Peru, Thu, Jan 27, 2011

Start & Stop: Barranca, Peru to Lima, Peru

Mileage: 125 miles

Hotel: Hotel Miraflores Lodge, Colon 230 Miraflores, Lima Lima 18, Peru

Fuel: Regular: $13.80 Sol/gal or $4.98 USD/gal

Dean: Quick 2.5 hour run from Barranca into Lima.  Coastal cool, many long straight runs with slow sweepers.  Can’t tell of the desert goes to the ocean or the ocean sand goes to the [...]

Day30–A Little Wind, Wed, Jan 26, 2011

Start & Stop: Chiclayo, Peru to Barranca, Peru

Mileage: 373 miles

Hotel: Hotel Chavin, Gálvez 222, Barranca, Phone: 01/235-2358; 01/235-2253

Fuel: Regular: $13.80 Sol/gal or $4.98 USD/gal

Agriculture theme:  Potatoes, Poultry & Sugar Cane

Lisa's nail in the rear tire. Notice it went through the lug and came through the lower left grove. Fixed with a DynaPlug.

A bad [...]

Day29-Welcome to Peru, Tue, Jan 25, 2011

Border Crossing #11 Ecuador/Peru

Start & Stop: Machala, Ecuador to Chiclayo, Peru

Mileage: 400 miles

Hotel: Los Portales Chiclayo, Saenz Pena 396, Chiclayo, Perú, 0800-52-652 ~$78 USD

Fuel: Regular: $13.80 Sol/gal or $4.98 USD/gal (Yikes)

Dean: No stress border crossing.  At least for me …

We're at the Ecuador/Peru border. Lisa is the shadow in the door [...]

Day28–Hacking & Coughing, Mon, Jan 24, 2011

Start & Stop: Quito, EQ to Machala, El Oro, Ecuador

Mileage: 322 miles

Hotel: Hotel San Francisco International, Tarqui E/. Sucre Y Olmedo, Machala, El Oro, Ecuador, Phone 07-930915   ~$40 USD

Fuel: Regular: $1.48/gal, Premium: $2.00/gal

Dean: Lisa is hacking & coughing worse.  I think she’s sick!  Hopefully she’ll figure it out.

Typical town traffic.

Those little 3-wheel scooters [...]

Day27–Is Crossing the Equator a BIG Deal?, Sun, Jan 23, 2011

Border Crossing #10, Cross the Colombia/Ecuador Border AND the Equator

Start & Stop: Pasto, CO to Quito, EQ

Mileage: 227 miles

Hotel: Hotel Real Audiencia, Quito, EQ. http://www.realaudiencia.com/ubicacion.htm Parking across the street.  4th floor and no elevator! $60 USD + $5 parking

Exchange Rate: $1 USD = $1 USD but they give you small change in local coin.

PanAm Toll: $ [...]

Day26–“Sit here, Twist that”, Sat, Jan 22, 2011

Sorry, No Photos.  Will add them later.

Start & Stop: La Pintada, CO to Pasto, CO

Mileage: 477 mile!

Hotel: Hotel Galleries, 
Cra 26 No. 18-71 Third Level, Pasto, Colombia

Dean: Lisa is getting sick.  She is coughing.

Lisa: I hated to leave the Dinastia- dang, it was awesome – but we don’t have extra days to burn, unfortunately.  I would [...]