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Cape Town, South Africa
July 2, 2022, 4:15 am
Partly cloudy
Partly cloudy
humidity: 82%
wind speed: 20 mph NNW
sunrise: 7:52 am
sunset: 5:48 pm
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July 2, 2022, 4:15 am
humidity: 79%
wind speed: 2 mph E
sunrise: 6:42 am
sunset: 5:22 pm
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July 2, 2022, 5:15 am
humidity: 88%
wind speed: 0 mph ESE
sunrise: 6:36 am
sunset: 6:39 pm
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Day30–A Little Wind, Wed, Jan 26, 2011

Start & Stop: Chiclayo, Peru to Barranca, Peru

Mileage: 373 miles

Hotel: Hotel Chavin, Gálvez 222, Barranca, Phone: 01/235-2358; 01/235-2253

Fuel: Regular: $13.80 Sol/gal or $4.98 USD/gal

Agriculture theme:  Potatoes, Poultry & Sugar Cane

Lisa's nail in the rear tire. Notice it went through the lug and came through the lower left grove. Fixed with a DynaPlug.

A bad job of securing this load of fruit caused the middle to give away and fruit all over the road.

The center of the load gave away!

A dad and baby in in the back of a cab.

Dean changing places with a cab driver.

Of course Lisa bumps me into the back of the 3-wheeled cab.

Lisa: We enjoyed a nice breakfast before heading south again.  It was an interesting ride with never a dull moment.  At one point we came around a corner and soldiers were everywhere, which is always an eye opener.  In a sharp turn in town, a flat bed carrying oranges lost its load and oranges were everywhere.  What a mess!!!!

Dean: All the villagers were out with buckets and baskets picking up the now “free” fruit.

Lisa: Shortly after that, I noticed my rear tire pressure wasn’t responding to the increased speed and heat, as it should so we stopped to take a look.  After about 2.7 seconds, I found the culprit: a finishing nail somehow entered the tread sideways.  Dean pulled it out and unfortunately; there was a small leak.  The angle was weird though so I was concerned we’d have to pull the tire and patch it from the inside.  Two tries with the Dynaplug and it appears we have a fix. Time will tell.

Dean: Ran along the Pacific coast all the way.  The PanAM road is in great shape and had long stretches of straight runs.  70 mph most of the day.

Major sand dunes and cross winds.  The sand blowing across the road moved like a side-winder snake.  The road was alive!

Walked around the main street of Barranca but nothing looked good.  Dinner in the hotel restaurant.

5 comments to Day30–A Little Wind, Wed, Jan 26, 2011

  • Chuck Hickey

    I got ……….
    But then it is the first night of the White Stag
    What would you expect?

  • John H

    Nice to have some photos included again! I am still not able to get back on the bike and ride yet, so I am using your travel blog to help relieve a serious bout of PMS (parked motorcycle syndrome). I take it that the old gal has recovered from the hacking attack? Hope so.

  • Don Lindfors

    I think you should trade your bikes for the “taxi” in the last picture. Lisa can ride the thing and Dean can do Parade Waves for the rest of the ride

  • pete Springer

    I would love to see mythbusters do a high speed camera about how a 2″ long nail that’s lying on the ground gets picked up and punctures a tire.
    I’m still loving your story

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