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Cape Town, South Africa
July 2, 2022, 4:36 am
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Mostly cloudy
humidity: 87%
wind speed: 20 mph N
sunrise: 7:52 am
sunset: 5:48 pm
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July 2, 2022, 4:36 am
humidity: 79%
wind speed: 2 mph E
sunrise: 6:42 am
sunset: 5:22 pm
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July 2, 2022, 5:36 am
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sunset: 6:39 pm
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Day35-Cuzco Rest & Route Day, Mon, Jan 31, 2011

Spent day getting organized!

Start & Stop: Cuzco, Peru

Mileage: 0 miles

Hotel: Hotel Jose Antonio, $100 USD, including Desayuno and parking

Fuel: 95: $11-13 Sol/gal or $5 USD/gal

Currency Exchange: $1 USD = 2.74 Peruvian Nuevo Sol

Dean: Our original plan was to get up early go to the train station (1 block away) and board the bus to Machu Picchu.  We were first in the ticket line and were surprised to find out all today’s buses to Ollantaytambo (train to Machu Picchu) was sold out!  We decided to spend today planning and organizing and go to Machu Picchu tomorrow.

While at the train station we purchased tickets for Machu Picchu, $56 USD each way, $112 USD total.

I then spent 4-hours making Garmin RoadTrip GPS waypoints from Cuzco, Peru to Ushuaia, Argentina.

Lisa is finding hotels in Lake Titicaca, Peru  and La Paz, Bolivia and e-mailing them with our safe motorcicleta parking and wifi internet connection requirements.

Once Lisa secures a hotel, I locate the hotel on Google Earth, copying the Lat and Lon GPS waypoints and enter into the GPS.

Lisa: well, i needed to rest today. It was a nice thought but it didn’t exactly happen that way. But at least we got sorted out a bit and made some hotel plans for our next stops. I got caught up on some emails and made some phone calls so it’s all good. One email in particular was very much appreciated. A dear  friend with medical training took the time to ask me some questions about my symptoms and then made a list for me to take to the farmacia.

Lisa: We took a $1 cab into town and were so enthralled with the main plaza. What a nice meeting place, quite wide open, 2 lanes of traffic all the way around with lots of outlets so traffic doesn’t really back up a lot. It was one of the prettiest plazas we’ve seen and very appealing.  But first, the farmacia and I entered the first one we saw like the desperate person that I am. The lovely woman behind the counter did her best to help me out and first up was azithromycin – no problem. I bought the equivalent of 5 Zpacks, grabbed a water and took one pill right there in the store. I bought some super strength expectorant to clear my lungs and for good measure I picked up some valium too. I don;t know what to say – it’s the weirdest thing to be in a Pharmacy and be able to order anything you want, it’s crazy. And ya just never know when those might come in handy. I loves me my farmacia!!!

Dean was told that the best food is to be had at Japanese Peruvian restaurants and we’ve been looking for one since crossing the border. During the Find the Hotel routine, I saw one so tonight I directed a cab driver back there but no joy – it was out of business. So we just wandered around the plaza until we decided that, Heck, who doesn’t want to eat Peruvian Thai food? Heh, it was good, it was spicy. We’re easily pleased. :)

So here we are, 3 hours after my desperate scene at the counter and it appears the proper antibiotic is doing the job. I already feel better and I am so happy. Man, this has been a tough week so I am very hopeful that the light at the end of the tunnel is not the train. thanks again everyone for all the well wishes and good thoughts!!  I appear to be on the road to recovery!! Yeeee HAWWW!!!

Dean: Tomorrow early we board a bus(1.5 hours) then take a train (3 hours) and we visit one of my dream destinations — Machu Picchu.

16 comments to Day35-Cuzco Rest & Route Day, Mon, Jan 31, 2011

  • Remember to hike up Wayna Picchu….it’s quite a thrill!! sit on top take a picture and send it to me

  • Jeff Gallagher

    Heck, post it for all to see.

  • Roger


    It’s good to hear you’re on the mend. If you’re not used to it, 10 mg. of Valium might be a bit much if you’re going to be on the bike (12 hours bottle to throttle and all that). I usually Rx 5mg for sedation for my patients. If you need more medical attention on the ride, you might look for an Adventist clinic (I bet there’s one or two in the Lake Titicaca area). There’s a good chance that the docs or nurses have had some training at Loma Linda and may be Americans. I’m checking with some friends to get a better idea for you. Get well and continue to enjoy your adventure.

    • Lisa

      no worries Roger – i’m just so happy to have antibiotics that work, nothing else is needed!! I think the
      z pcks will do the trick. It’s almost mifdnight here and I feel so much better that I am up getting work done. :)

  • Al and Kathy

    OH Lisa, I am so glad you finally got some help! I was really worried about you, especially since you were continuing to ride each day. The Pharmacias are wonderful! and those Z packs really get you back on your feet fast.

  • Joel Key

    Unk! I’ve been enjoying your logs of Quito/Lima/and now Macchu Picchu since I’ve traveled many of the same roads. Cool to think of you both winding your way around that part of the world. Macchu Picchu is one of the best places I’ve had the privilege of seeing. Enjoy a Cusqueña for me!

  • Bob K

    Wow! Bring me back some Valium too! Anyway, glad you’re getting some rest and have some time to visit Macchu Picchu. Enjoy yourselves and take care

  • Amy E

    G So relieved to hear you’re getting better. Thrilled that you two are going to Macchu Picchu,special destination..Hope its glorious. love you. AA

  • Steve Aikens

    Awesome – no more bag lady…Glad youy’re on the mend.

  • How many Valiums did ya get???
    Glad you are on the mends and your seeing the light at the end of the tunnel!
    Should be a great tour tomorrow!

  • Annie Huddy

    YES! Better living through Chemistry!!

  • Nancy O

    Glad you’re feeling better, Lisa!

    I loved Machu Picchu! And you’re right about that plaza in Cuzco! Such a nice place. My first real date with Walt was in Miraflores. Valentine’s Day 1998 :-) We both got food poisoning. How romantic! We first kind of decided that we were interested in each other in Arica, Chile, but it sounds like you’re heading inland so won’t hit Arica. (This was when I used to work on the ships with him – we laid a cable from Panama – Ecuador – Chile – Peru – Chile – Peru. Was a wonderful trip!)

    I’m really enjoying following along – what a fantastic adventure!

  • Brian R.

    Was waiting to hear that Lisa was better. Hopefully in the next few days she will get back up to her “old” (you said it first) feisty self. Machu Picchu should be a highlight of the trip and I hope you are both fully able to enjoy it. With the altitudes you have been at it sounds like you are doing OK as far as altitude sickness but I can vouch for how miserable a cold rainy day in the mountains can be – some of my toughest rides were less than 500 miles in conditions like that. Great pictures so far, loved the pic of Dean with the child and L with all her layers and scarf over her head (BTDT).

  • John Parker

    Well, at least from your most recent SPOT Track, it looks like you bypassed a ride down Yungas Rd. Wise choice.

    • Lisa

      nope, we didn’t bypass it, it’s on the schedule for today. unfortunately the sound of rain hitting the roof this morning doesn’t bode well for a trip down the infamous dirt Road of Death, especially on the tires we’re using. More later.

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