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Cape Town, South Africa
July 2, 2022, 3:37 am
Partly cloudy
Partly cloudy
humidity: 82%
wind speed: 20 mph NNW
sunrise: 7:52 am
sunset: 5:48 pm
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July 2, 2022, 3:37 am
humidity: 74%
wind speed: 2 mph NNE
sunrise: 6:42 am
sunset: 5:22 pm
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July 2, 2022, 4:37 am
humidity: 89%
wind speed: 0 mph E
sunrise: 6:36 am
sunset: 6:39 pm
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Day28–Hacking & Coughing, Mon, Jan 24, 2011

Start & Stop: Quito, EQ to Machala, El Oro, Ecuador

Mileage: 322 miles

Hotel: Hotel San Francisco International, Tarqui E/. Sucre Y Olmedo, Machala, El Oro, Ecuador, Phone 07-930915   ~$40 USD

Fuel: Regular: $1.48/gal, Premium: $2.00/gal

Dean: Lisa is hacking & coughing worse.  I think she’s sick!  Hopefully she’ll figure it out.

Typical town traffic.

Those little 3-wheel scooters are everywhere.

Each little village/town has a statue in the town square.

Lisa shot this of a truck driver who got too close to her.

Lisa: It’s official: I am completely and totally sick.  I have a chest infection and a terrible running nose.  I am coughing like no tomorrow and feel completely terrible.  Sweet, let’s ride.  At altitude.  All Day.  Sigh.  If I only cough up a lung, it will be a good day.  Plus, ever try to blow your nose while wearing a full-face helmet.  Don’t.  It’s official, it sucks.

Dean: The ride out of Quito was very cool.  We dressed with our electrics on.  It was a much different day today. 50 miles out of Quito we crossed a 12,500 feet pass.  We were above the tree line and I actually turned on my heated grips.

For the first time we got stopped at an Ecuadorian police check stop.  They asked for passport & emigration slip.

Today’s agriculture theme is B-A-N-A-N-A’S.

Lisa: Good GRIEF! What in the world do they DO with all these bananas??? Seriously.  There are bananas EVERYWHERE.  Growing on trees and wrapped in plastic, piled next to the road in huge heaps taller than the men here, stuffed into stake beds till overflowing and hanging off of work trucks in bunches. Bananas. How many bananas can one person eat in a day?  And how many people live here??  So what is happening to the other 99% of the bananas I’M seeing?  I need to know.

Dean: BUT, tonight in Machala Lisa got some good meds at a walk up Pharmacia.

Lisa: While we are in a fairly grubby little city, there are certain things about it that are so civilized.  For example, I walked to the corner of the street and stood in line at the Farmacia.  Interesting, none of the stores in this area have any floor space available to customers.  Nope, they roll up the metal doors and their glass displays or metal racks are right there, at the sidewalk and you point out or order anything from the store you might like.  No browsing here, son.  So I stand on the sidewalk at the pharmacy and say good afternoon to the woman staffing it.  Without further ado, she diagnoses me with ‘grippe’ and offers me Cipro 750 and something for my horrible nasal thing.  I ask for and get 8 of each.  $15 and don’t take on an empty stomach.  I stop at the door next to the pharmacy and order 4 cervezas.  I am handed a bag with four frio cervezas and I head back to the hotel.  What’s not to like?  I am on the road to health and Dean and I can share a couple of cold ones.  I can do this.

Dean: Chain maintenance again?  Yup, if we see no dirt, I do a series of WD40 the chains and wipe them clean, repeat until chain is reasonable clean every three days.  Also check chain tension and adjust as needed.  If we see dirt, the chain is cleaned ever other day.  I am happy with my Scott Oiler.  I have the bulk touring reservoir behind the license plate.  First load lasted from LA to Machala ~7,240 miles.  Refilled today and it should last the rest of the trip.

Dinner: Street vendor, rice & beans, some kind of meat?, Lisa also had chicken soup. Total for both of us ~$5 USD includes a $1.50 tip.  Cervezas $1 USD

11 comments to Day28–Hacking & Coughing, Mon, Jan 24, 2011

  • Brian R.

    OMG – I would never know you were traveling – Drugs and alcohol, so what’s new???

  • chuck hickey

    what’s new….
    No GUNS – that’s new.
    grippe, eh? Isn’t that what the Torters are always trying to foist off on the unsuspecting? Glad Lisa – the Old Gal (as per her own state on day 27) and I quote:
    “n fact, I emerged pretty much unscathed for an old gal”. finally bought the good stuff (chicken soup).
    and what do they do with bananas – well…. they put them in EVERYTHING.
    When I was in Costa Rica they told me that you could back a truck up to any of the banana plantations and they would load it up for free. Coincidentally, they only export something like 10% because Americans don’t bananas or plantains like the ones they eat – we like them to be YELLOW.

  • John H

    Hacking an coughing on a motorcycle in SA is better than hacking and coughing in an office in da Ham, which is what I have done for the last couple of days.
    So count your blessings, Old Gal! Hope the meds work and you get better quickly.

    BTW, Joe Cool has some ‘splaining to do for not taking a photo of the napping bike at the equator.
    :) :)

  • Jeff Gallagher

    Yeah, Chuck, apparently there is not as big a demand for bananas as for cocao. Or, maybe the Ecuadorans figured out that, by flooding the market with bananas they do away with the illicit demands for the fruit. No guns = more banana crop.

    Lisa, I hate to think you had to travel all that way just to catch the same thing I caught from my wife (ad gave to my daughter). Wish I could send her to the corner farmacia.

  • “Cervezas $1 USD” – now we’re talking.. Dean, are you making waypoints of the square dancing halls and knitting class joints for me?

  • Minuend

    Wow. Lisa…hope the meds do the trick. Dean…that mechanic (chain lube) thingy is worth a lot of border-crossing paperwork, huh?
    Seriously, I’m really enjoying your ride and posts. Keep ‘em coming as you can. I’m sitting in France, sippin’ some really good 16 yr old Single Malt Scotch and would give it all up in a heartbeat to be riding next to you guys. I hope to make the trip next January…but am now thinking of skipping that Mexico/Central American part you’ve described so well.

  • Tirzah

    Lisa and Dean, still love reading your posts- thank you for taking the time. Lisa, here’s hopin’ and prayin’ your no deductible drug store visit has you feeling better. A $15 dollar stop with no appointment and no co-pay- now THAT’s what I call health care reform…and cold drinks next door. I’m thinkin’ we could learn a few things from other nations. Love and get well quick hugs to you. xo ox ox xo xo

  • Bounce

    “Cervezas $1 USD” – I’m hoping I read it right… FOUR for a buck!

    Again, Lisa, get well soon. My wife’s been fighting the grippe for about 3 weeks now. This URI is a really resistant SOB.

  • Bob Kunihiro

    Hope you’re feeling better, Lisa! Yup! Karen’s sick too! Everyone here at the office just plugging away with work. Steifel with Chris in just a few weeks, then off to Vancouver, Canada a few days after.
    Stay warm and safe.

  • Bob Kunihiro

    Dean and Lisa! Astrid Kunihiro (no relation to me, but a Kunihiro) told me to let her know when you plan on arriving in Santiago, Chile! Her days off are Thursdays and Fridays. She will try to meet you and show you around the city.

  • Don Lindfors

    I love the fact that the Farmacia says do not take the meds on an empty stomach, so you get BEER! That’s my kind of treatment for what ails ya

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