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Cape Town, South Africa
August 7, 2022, 9:25 pm
Partly cloudy
Partly cloudy
humidity: 82%
wind speed: 9 mph N
sunrise: 7:33 am
sunset: 6:10 pm
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August 7, 2022, 9:25 pm
Mostly clear
Mostly clear
humidity: 55%
wind speed: 4 mph S
sunrise: 6:30 am
sunset: 5:37 pm
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August 7, 2022, 10:25 pm
Mostly cloudy
Mostly cloudy
humidity: 59%
wind speed: 7 mph ESE
sunrise: 6:37 am
sunset: 6:41 pm
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Day15-Return to Managua, Nicaragua – Tue, Jan 11, 2011

Getting back into the saddle!  Our journey continues.

Start & Stop:  LAX to Managua, Nicaragua

Mileage: 0 moto miles, mucho flight miles

Lodging:  Hotel Camino Real, Km 9.5 Carretera Norte, Managua, Nicaragua

Money Exchange:  $1 USD = 21.80 Nicaraguan Cordoba Oro NIO

Dean: Our plane out of LAX – IAH was on-time and with the help of Sue’s magic pills, we both got good sleep from 1AM through 4 AM.  The plane was packed!  The 3-hour layover in Houston was uneventful.  The flight from Houston to Managua was half filled.  There was at least a half-dozen full rows empty.  Both Lisa and I had empty 3-seats to ourselves.

Lisa: Alright, I’m all about better living through pharmaceuticals but this was ridiculous. Dean gave me a tiny sliver of a tablet, saying that Sue had sent them for us. Those of you who don’t know her, Sue is an accomplished world traveler who does her homework like no other so I had no hesitation taking this sleep aid.  Let me preface by saying this was THE slowest boarding plane I have EVER seen.  Holy cow people.  It’s not that difficult.  Stow your stuff and SIT DOWN!!!  So I swallowed Sue’s sleeping pill as I stepped into the plane.  I do remember getting to my seat but after that, nothing.  Not the taxiing, takeoff, nada.  I slept through the entire flight until we touched down in Houston.

After we deplaned (is that the stupidest word ever? Do we say de-motorcycled?  De-carred?  Really, who thought of that, but I digress) I went directly to the gate, set my duffle bag next to me, leaned over the oh-so-comfortable metal armrest and went to sleep, my face flat into my duffle.  Two hours later I came to, wondering how I got from LAX to Houston.  Nice.  So, lesson learned: watch that Sue – she’s dangerous.  I could be in Frankfurt right now.

Customs was pretty funny.  Basically they don’t give a hoot about anything except collecting their $10US fee.  True.  We laughed out loud because I took the grapefruit out of my bag and sat it on top so they could pitch it instead of rifling through my stuff.  The guy gave stink eye to it but waved us through anyway.  That and all the ‘meat products we had – two huge bags of jerky.

Dean: OK folks, this is a plug for a wonderful hotel experience.

The Hotel Camino Real, Km 9.5 Carretera Norte, Managua, Nicaragua.  This hotel is ¼ mile northwest from the entrance to the Augusto Cesar Sandino International (MGA).  Lisa found The Camino Real Hotel on the internet while we were in Honduras and a Sat Phone call with Tamara indicated that this was a good option.  Tamara Halsall went out of her way to make sure we were taken care of.  Lisa had explained that I had to get back to the US immediately and Tamara found a place to store our bikes ($5/day for 2 bikes) and our riding gear.  She went through management and got permission for us to store our bikes in the maintenance shed for 4 weeks!!

I was very concerned about our bikes stored in the back of the maintenance building but no worries.  Not a thing was touched!!  We removed both seat pans and reconnected all the battery cables and after 4 weeks, the bikes cranked and fired right up!  Joy!  Joy!

Lisa: so all is well here. we’ve sorted out our stuff, repacked the bikes and are making plans for the trip south. more soon and thanks for hanging with us!

21 comments to Day15-Return to Managua, Nicaragua – Tue, Jan 11, 2011

  • Steve H.

    Nice when good planning comes together.

  • jimmyv

    Ahh, the sweet sounds off the bikes firing up!!
    Looking forward to tracking again – work was getting boring…..

  • Lynda L

    Yeah! On the road again!!

  • Glad to hear the bikes were in good shape! I’m looking forward to following your adventure.

  • John Stamps

    And the adventure continues! We look forward to the stories and photos; keep introducing us to interesting people and situations.

  • Van

    It’s good to hear you’re back on the road…again. Sounds like the return has gone smoothly, and hopefully that will continue. Someone’s watching over you.

  • Voni

    Remember Red Pill, Blue Pill, Lisa?

    We sure do ; )

    Glad you’re both “on the road again!”

  • michiel kerkhof

    even we are travelling aussie at the moment we follow you every day again….have a blast guys….

  • Annie Huddy

    Whew!! I am SO glad all is well in Managua and you are back on the road again.
    Living (and laughing) vicariously through you this longwinter.

  • Sheryl Bergquist

    Just got the chance to read your blogs and am excited to follow your travels. Will be praying for your safe, but fun and thrilling, adventures. We had a great trip to the Philippines and are back in CA planning our next trip (to South America). Will let you know when we make some decisions….would be so fun if we crossed paths. xxoo

  • Jeff KB6SUP

    Glad to see you made it safely. Tragedies of life could not stop the dynamic duo. Pictures, pictures, pictures, please.

  • Jerry W

    The bikes started. This will be remembered as the high point of the trip.

  • Chris McGaffin

    The journey begins again and just in time. The TV here is VERY poor and LDrider is in winter doldrums. Am looking forward to some real entertainment. No Pressure guys.

  • Bill Shaw

    BTW, since you took home a bunch of stuff you no longer needed, does this mean you have more room for my souvenirs?

  • Kirsten T-S

    Thanks for doing this blog and letting us join with you on the ride. Here’s to smooth border crossings!

  • KM6UK De Witt

    Well, Dean and Lisa singing that lovely song, “On the Road Again….” How cool that having travel interuptus did not end the trip. You guys are so bold to do this trip. It can be dangerous down there.
    I can hardly wait each day to see what trials and tribulations you have suffered today, and OH YES, the travel FUN, and the sights you will see.

    Ya’ll be safe, and keep on posting. We love it!!!!

  • Al and Kathy

    Glad to hear you got there safely and your bikes were well taken care of. Chemistry is wonderful when you need it! Glad you had a good rest.

  • Gerald Roberts

    Dean and Lisa,
    Keep up the good work. I’m enjoying the ride.


  • H Marc Lewis

    Sounds like you might have gotten Ambien. Beware! They aren’t kidding when they say you MUST get 8 uninterrupted hours of sleep. If you get woken up after just 3-4 hours, many people (me, for instance) will have serious memory loss. You can function “normally” for hours after being woken up, then suddenly you realize you have no memory of the last 4 hours and don’t remember how you got where you are. Scary stuff.

  • Bounce

    “Disembarked” or maybe “exited”?

  • chuck hickey

    Awe Heck – you folks are DOOMED.
    This is way too auspicious a start. somebody kick them in the shins or something. spike their tequila with…. uh… tequila or something.

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