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Cape Town, South Africa
November 27, 2021, 10:33 am
Partly sunny
Partly sunny
humidity: 68%
wind speed: 13 mph NW
sunrise: 5:28 am
sunset: 7:39 pm
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November 27, 2021, 10:33 am
humidity: 84%
wind speed: 7 mph N
sunrise: 5:01 am
sunset: 6:30 pm
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November 27, 2021, 11:33 am
humidity: 78%
wind speed: 11 mph NE
sunrise: 6:15 am
sunset: 6:26 pm
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Dirt, Dirt, Dirt!

Day07, Sat, Jan 21, 2017
Today is a grueling ~500 km ride in more dirt.  The view is pure desert!  Critical is water and gas.  Helge has fuel stops marked on our GPS tracks.

Start Location:  Canyon Lodge

End Location:   Sossus Dune Lodge

Distance:          573 km (356 miles)

Hotel/Pension:   Sossus Dune Lodge

Money Conversion:

Money Conversion: R1 = $0.0443 USD; $1 USD = R13.459

Our typical routine is:

6AM – Awake, dress and pack.

7 AM – Breakfast

8 AM Rolling

It’s hydrate, ride, hydrate, fuel, hydrate … repeat!

Temps are approx. 105°F

While in dirt, Helge recommended we ride with a partner for mutual aid and support.

I team up with Gary Schmidt, a fellow Silk Road rider.  We’re conservative and arrive at the Sussus Dune Lodge around 3 PM.

Sussus Lodge

Historical Sand Dunes
Day08, Sun, Jan 22, 2017
No ride today – Visit the oldest sand dunes in the world!

Start Location:  Sossus Dune Lodge

End Location:   Sossus Dune Lodge

Distance:          0 moto miles but approx. 100 mile R/T via 4-wheel drive tour vehicle

Hotel/Pension:   Sossus Dune Lodge

Money Conversion: R1 = $0.0443 USD; $1 USD = R13.459

Up at 4AM, coffee & rolls and into a 4-wheel tour vehicle for a 60 minute ride out to the historic dunes.

Hiking in sand is tough on ol' guys!

After hiking up a small leg of the dunes, we had an fun breakfast!

After the hike, breakfast was elegant.

A mad run to the beach!

Day08, Sun, Jan 22, 2017

Start Location:  Sossus Dunes Lodge

End Location:   Swakopmund

Distance:          359 km (223 miles) approx. 325 km of dirt!

Hotel/Pension:   Grand Hotel – On the beach!

Money Conversion: R1 = $0.0443 USD; $1 USD = R13.459

This is our 3rd day on desert dirt roads.  It is also the only stop where the weather will be cool!
We were lucky that the day was overcast and much cooler than the past 104°F days.
There are no photos of “more desert!”
Our route turns east!

Day10, Tue, Jan 24, 2017

Start Location:  Swakopmund

End Location:   Otjiwarango

Distance:          379 km (235 miles) Back on tar (asphalt)

Hotel/Pension:   Bush Pillow Guest House

Money Conversion: R1 = $0.0443 USD; $1 USD = R13.459

Today is a repositioning day.  Meaning we just have to get down the road.

There was a big change from desert, barren landscape to small trees and bushes to a carpet of trees and bushes.  We are seeing all kinds of animals, wart hogs, ostriches, zebras, and one rider saw a giraffe.

The destination Otjiwarango is a small town with not much service.  The Bush Pillow Guest House was a B&B.  We had a great dinner and breakfast here.
Another repositioning day…

Day11, Wed, Jan 25, 2017

Start Location:  Otjiwarango

End Location:   Rundu

Distance:          476 km (296 miles)

Hotel/Pension:   Omashare River Lodge

Money Conversion: R1 = $0.0443 USD; $1 USD = R13.459

Straight roads through lush forests.

The road is straight with occasional readjustments. Everything is green!  The day threatens rain but only has brief showers.

You don't often see road signs like this.

A speed limit for elephants?

Gary S in motion.

Photos will enlarge is you click on them!
CURRENT LOCATION:  Upper right corner titled “Current Location” is my Delorme inReach Explorer satellite tracks provided by SPOTwalla.  When activated, it provides a real time track of my travels.  Select “1 Cape-Cairo” and a map with my latest location comes up.  The 2nd banner tab “Cape to Cairo 2017” opens for more options.  Select “Adjustments” enables the viewer to select more days to view.  Remember we started Jan 13 so factor that in to the total days.

Use the zoom slider on the left to open up the map to see our entire route. The two tabs in the upper right “Map/Satellite” switches the map illustration with satellite photos.

GlobeRiders has it’s own BLOG “Cape To Cairo Adventure 2017”.  There is a complete description of the excursion, rider bios, updates of the ride, and an active satellite location link.
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9 comments to Dirt, Dirt, Dirt!

  • Carroll Walker

    NB, I am really enjoying your reports & photos. Hoping you continue to have a safe trip. Sounds like the GPS is doing a good job but curious how accurate the GPS info is and if you can totally depend on what it tells you to do? BTW, has anything came loose due to the dirt roads?

    • dean

      The “tracks” are very accurate. There is no GPS feedback or directions. I have to pay attention to the line for upcoming turns. Tracks are used because every GPS routes “Go To” differently.

      The only thing that has fallen off the moto is me! :)

  • Peter Springer

    Dean, thanks for including me in your ride blogs. I can relate to your sand getoff. You prolly already know this but standing up on the bike will help in sand. The other thing is air pressure….less is better. You can ride in sand as low as 15 lbs. In some special cases I’d go even lower.

  • John and Sharon Pultorak

    Damn Dean, deer crossing but an elephant crossing!!!!!!!!!!!!! How damn cool is that!
    Be safe, hitting an elephant could have fatal effects……………..

  • Holly

    Just got caught up on your travels! Seem to be enjoying your trip so far…keep the updates coming:)!

  • Mike Meier

    Hey Dean!
    In East Africa in 1969 we were passing by a small village on a red dirt road in what they called a “combi-van” – a small Volkswagen type van. The driver suddenly stopped, then backed up quickly. A very large bull elephant emerged from the trees on the right, sauntered across the road 20 feet in front of us, and walked slowly through the village on the left and on into the bush. The driver’s comment was, “The elephants go where they want. We get out of the way.”

    Stay safe!

  • Charlie Clark

    Sounds like another ride of a life time. As long as you keep off the sand or at least keep upright.

  • Look like a fantastic trip Dean.
    Keep on Truckin and be safe.

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