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Cape Town, South Africa
May 19, 2022, 2:07 am
Mostly cloudy
Mostly cloudy
humidity: 100%
wind speed: 2 mph N
sunrise: 7:34 am
sunset: 5:50 pm
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May 19, 2022, 2:07 am
Mostly cloudy
Mostly cloudy
humidity: 88%
wind speed: 2 mph ESE
sunrise: 6:27 am
sunset: 5:21 pm
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May 19, 2022, 3:07 am
Mostly clear
Mostly clear
humidity: 82%
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Heiliggeistkirche (Holy Ghost Church)


14 km R/T from KnopfTours to Heidelberg Cathedral and back


Germany: Euros €1 = $1.2527 USD or $1 USD = €0.7996


– Sun: Sprinkled through lunch, and since I’m are not really riding, it’s a beautiful day!

- Mon: Sunny blue sky, white cloud day.

Ride Stats

Total European Mileage

Start: April 27, 2012-Heidelberg: 38,660 miles

Finish: June 18, 2012-Heidelberg: 48,822 miles

Total miles = 10,162 miles

Countries – 13

Germany, Czech Republic, Austria, Italy, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Russia, Finland, Norway, Sweden, and Denmark.

Fuel Prices

Highest: Italy – €1.96/liter or €7.43/gal or $9.26/gal USD

Lowest: Russia- RUB 32.50/liter or RUB 123.18/gal or $3.81/gal USD!

Most of our fill-up were in Germany: ~€1.60/liter or €6.06/gal or $7.70/gal USD.

The stock V-Storm fuel tank is 22 liters (5.8 gal).  A 5-gal fill-up (reserve indicator ON) averages €30.30 or $38.50 USD!

Overall impression of European Moto Travel

It’s more expensive!  With the Euro €1 = $1.2527 USD or $1 USD = €0.7996 everything seems to be 10-20% more expensive.

Sun-Jun 17, 2012

Basically, my Strompasourus (’04 Suzuki V-Strom DL1000) ran with minimum issues.  The odometer reads almost 49,000 miles.  This is the “salvage” bike that traveled the TransAmericas in 2010/2011.  It has aftermarket HyperPro front and Ohlins rear shocks.

The sprocket was an up-coming maintenance that I was expecting.  It just happened sooner than later.
I’ll probably need a clutch before the next Europe Ride-About.  The clutch lever disengages at ½” of open lever.  On occasion, in 1st gear, at medium RPMs the clutch cycles through rapid engagement/release.  Jerk – jerk- jerk before it engages.  This happens a couple times a day.  This never happens in any of the other gears.  All other gears are fine even running autobahn speeds of 130+ kph (80+ mph).
Storage Prep

I spent last night and this morning prepping for long-term storage.  Yes, the Strompasourus will reside in storage at KnopfTours for at least a year … maybe longer.  I plan to return several times a year to continue my European Ride-About.

1.  Wash/clean bike getting all mud, chain grease, etc. off the bike.

2.  Fix any problems or make arraignments to be fixed.  To consider: tires, clutch, oil & filter change, brake pads, lights & bulbs

3.  Removing all bags, panniers, and placing them in the down-stairs “long-term” storage.  Long-term storage motos are moved to another storage location.

4.  Make the tough decision on what to take home and what to leave here.  Electronics (GPS, SPOT, all 12V cables), boots, jacket, pants, helmet, tools, all are bulky and heavy.

5.  Make list of things to bring next time.

The B&B at KnopfTours is full!
There are a group of 5 Americans here for a week long ride.  All are retired military and now work together.  Four arrived last night and one had his flight from the US cancelled!  He is supposed to arrive this morning.  Four of the guys rented bikes from Stefan – BMWs.  One is residing in Europe and has his own – a beautiful Ducati.  The plan a one week loop from Heidelberg to Austria, Italy, France, Switzerland, and back via the Black Forest to Heidelberg.  They invited me to join them for dinner.  Thanks and safe riding guys!

Troy Wright, Mark Foelker, Steve Cameron, Chris Martin on a 7 day whirl-wind tour of Europe! (I left before the 5th guy showed up.)

Historic Old Heidelberg
In the early afternoon, I ride 7km to the historic Altstadt (old town).  I park the moto next to the Old Bridge and walk 300m to the Marktplatz (Market Square) area to absorb more kulture.

Parking for auto’s is a nightmare, but parking for motos was readily available all around the bridge and cathedral.

Behind me is the historic Alte Brucke (Old bridge) and the Neckar River.

Heiliggeistkirche (Holy Ghost Church)

The Heiliggeistkirche (Holy Ghost Church) bell tower from where my moto is parked.

Back of Holy Ghost Church. The Marktiplatz is where the umbrellas are and Herkules-Brunnen (Hercules Fountain) on right poking out of umbrellas

A massive organ with trumpets high above.

The alter inside the Heiliggeistkirche.

Herkules-Brunnen (Hercules Fountain), 1706, in center of Marktplatz.

Kornmarkt Madonna with Schloss Heidelberg (Heidelberg Castle) in the background.

The Carl Theodor Bridge over the Neckar River.  Originally a wooden bridge (1284) that had been destroyed 4 times by floods and fire, rebuilt and destroyed again.  The first stone bridge was built in 1788 destroyed by retreating German solders in 1945 and the final version rebuilt in 1947.

“Alte Brücke” (Old Bridge)

Brückentor (Bridge gate) seen from the Cathedral. The two tall towers were once part of the town's wall.

Alte Brucke (Old bridge) and Brückentor (Bridge gate) viewed from the cathedral bell tower.

The Brückentor (Bridge gate) from center of bridge.

On the south bank next to the Bridge Tower Gate is the Bruckenaffe (Bridge Monkey).

This modern Bruckenaffe (Bridge Monkey) was erected 1979.

This symbolism appeared back in the 15th century.  It is believed that if you touch the fingers of the Bridge Monkey you will return to Heidelberg, touch the mirror for wealth and the mice to ensure fertility.  I touched everything except the mice.

The Bridge Mouse are the artist's signature but it has been incorporated into the old legend..

Bridge Mouse and placard

The placard reads “Why are you looking at me? Haven’t you seen the monkey in Heidelberg? Look around and you will probably see, more monkeys like me.”

Why are you looking at me?????

Rathaus (Town Hall) is on the other side of the Marktiplatz.

Schloss Heidelberg (Heidelberg Castle) seen from the Old Bridge.

Tomorrow is Monday.  I’ll check out the Schloss Heidelberg (Heidelberg Castle) and the Heidelberg Berghahnen incline tram.

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  • Dave Chiurazzi

    Wow….what an inspiring adventure…over 10,000 miles – tremendous. I have said it before, I will say it again, Dean – you are the friggin man brother!! An unbelievable journey filled with crazy weather, drama, sight seeing and just plain old adrenaline fuleded fun!! Thanks Dean for maintaining such a great blog and providing a great vicarious experience!

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