January 2011
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Cape Town, South Africa
July 2, 2022, 3:50 am
Partly cloudy
Partly cloudy
humidity: 82%
wind speed: 20 mph NNW
sunrise: 7:52 am
sunset: 5:48 pm
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July 2, 2022, 3:50 am
humidity: 74%
wind speed: 2 mph NNE
sunrise: 6:42 am
sunset: 5:22 pm
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July 2, 2022, 4:50 am
humidity: 89%
wind speed: 0 mph E
sunrise: 6:36 am
sunset: 6:39 pm
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Day25–Colombia is Awesome!, Friday, Jan 21. 2011

Sorry, No Photos.  I’ll add them later!

Start & Stop: Caucasia, Colombia to La Pintada, Colombia

Mileage: 230 miles, CO25 from Caucasia, Taraza, Valdivia, Don Matias, Medellin, Caldas, Santa Barbara and ending at La Pintada, Colombia

Lodging: Hotel Real Dinastia, La Pintada, Colombia

Today’s Agricultural theme:  Coffee

Dean: Thursday’s Hotel Malecom said they had WiFi but they didn’t really have a [...]

Day24–N8.15521, Thursday, Jan 19. 2011

Start & Stop: Hotel Cacique Automista Medellin Bogota to N8.15521 and back to Caucasia, Colombia

Mileage: 279 miles

Lodging: Hotel Malecom & Restaurante, Carretera Troncal La Ye, Caucasia, Antioquia

Dean: After checking our “Current Location, SPOT Sat Tracks”, many of you might be wondering why we rode on 25 a little past Buenavista but short of Planeta Rica.

The [...]

Day 23 – Hola South America!, Wednesday, Jan 19, 2011

Bogota, Colomiba to Hotel Cacique N6.01209; W 075.14531

Mileage: 209 miles

Lodging: Hotel Cacique, Autopista Medellin Bogota Km 82, Cocorna – Antioquia

Lisa: Wednesday morning we ate a great breakfast, included, at the hotel and left the parking lot about 8.  It took about 12 minutes to get separated in the construction and morning traffic and we got about [...]

Day22– Adios Central America!, Tuesday, Jan 18, 2011

Border Crossing #8 at Bogota Intl Airport, Reclaiming our Bikes

Air Flight: Copa, Panama to Bogota, Colombia

Girag Air Freight and the two Canooks

Mileage: 12 miles

Lodging: Hotel San Francisco de Asis, Cra 10 No 23 63 | Cundinamarca, Bogota, Colombia

Dean: Adios Central America! Wow did I learn a lot the hard way.  The seven Central America border crossing were similar but each [...]

Day21–Bike Prep for Air Freight, Monday, Jan 17, 2011

Around Panama City: Motorsports Suzuki dealer, Panama Canal (taxi), Girag Air Freight

Mileage: 20 miles

Lodging: Hotel Riande Aeropuerto, Via Tocumen | PO Box 6-999, Panama City, Panama ~$94 USD

The Panama Fish Market

Dean: Today at 7AM we rode over to the fish market to see all the action and … there was no action.  [...]

Day19 & 20 – Panama City – Sat-Sun. Jan 15-16, 2011

Lisa: Thanks everyone for being so diligent to follow along on our journey. We haven’t had time to post the last few days and several emails have indicated disappointment. When we started all this, Mike said that doing this blog was not a great idea and of course we pooh poohed him. And of course [...]

Day18–The Ugly Truth–Fri. Jan 14, 2011

Border Crossing #6, Eight hours at the Nicaragua/Costa Rica border!

Thursday, Jan 13 (Flash Back)

The line for immigration.

A bus load of europeans who are riding bicycles around Nicaragua.

Our motorcycle permit had expired by 2 days. Lisa had to walk back and forth between 4 offices in a 1/4 mile radius to pay fines [...]

Day17-Cerro de la Muerte – Thu, Jan 13, 2011

Where is this Cerro de la Muerte?  We crossed over one of the most dangerous sections of the PanAmerican Highway and did not know it.  We couldn’t see it because of the thick fog and heavy rain.

Start & Stop:  Liberia, CR to Palmar Norte, CR

Mileage: 328 miles (528 km)

Weather:  Cold, fog, rain, mud



Money [...]

Day16-Crookedest Street in the World- Wed, Jan 12, 2011

Border crossing #6 Nicaragua/Costa Rica

We’ve got this border crossing down-pat!  Easy peasy!  There is no problem that money can’t solve …

Start & Stop:  Managua, Nicaragua to Liberia, Costa Rica

Mileage: 150 miles (241 km)

Route:  PanAmerican Highway

Weather:  Hot and warm

Lodging:  Hotel Camino Real, Km. 9.5 Carretera Norte. Managua, Nicaragua. Tel: (505) 2255-5888 – Fax: (505) 2263-1380

Money Exchange:  $1 [...]

Day15-Return to Managua, Nicaragua – Tue, Jan 11, 2011

Getting back into the saddle!  Our journey continues.

Start & Stop:  LAX to Managua, Nicaragua

Mileage: 0 moto miles, mucho flight miles

Lodging:  Hotel Camino Real, Km 9.5 Carretera Norte, Managua, Nicaragua

Money Exchange:  $1 USD = 21.80 Nicaraguan Cordoba Oro NIO

Dean: Our plane out of LAX – IAH was on-time and with the help of Sue’s magic pills, we [...]