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Cape Town, South Africa
August 7, 2022, 9:56 pm
Partly cloudy
Partly cloudy
humidity: 82%
wind speed: 7 mph N
sunrise: 7:33 am
sunset: 6:10 pm
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August 7, 2022, 9:56 pm
humidity: 59%
wind speed: 2 mph NE
sunrise: 6:30 am
sunset: 5:37 pm
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August 7, 2022, 10:56 pm
Mostly cloudy
Mostly cloudy
humidity: 64%
wind speed: 7 mph ESE
sunrise: 6:37 am
sunset: 6:41 pm
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Day33-Nazca Lines and the Abra Condorcenca Pass 4140m (13,582′), Sat, Jan 29, 2011

To fly over the Nazca Lines you need a passport, tourist ticket, $90 USD plane ticket, and a $7.50 USD airport fee.

Nazca Lines … We can now say “Been There, Done That!!!”

Flight orientation. Let's go.



Lisa putting on her heated gloves. After 2 hours of rain, she was soaked!! During this ride we climbed over 13,000'!

Three heavy blankets, several layers of clothing, a goofy scarf that makes her look like a bag lady she finally warms up. She's reading her electronic book.

Dean: We decided to leave the bikes at the hotel and take a tour van to the airport.  The cost for us to observe the Nazca Line from air is $90 USD and a S/20 airport tax.  The plane was a 6-passenger Cessna high-wing.  There were 2 crew (pilot and observer/announcer) and 5 passengers.  Everyone had a window and they promote that the tour goes by each figure on both sides of the plane.  The entire flight was 35 minutes.  We saw most of the well-known figures – monkey (90m long), condor (130m wing span), hummingbird, spider, humanoid figure/astronaut and lines going in many directions.

It might be cheaper to ride to the airport and book your flights there direct with the touring airlines.  You must go through a boarding security check so no knifes, guns, explosives.

More twisty-turnies that peaks out at Abra Condorcenca Pass 4140m (13,582′), up into the clouds (25′-50′ visibility), rain — for 2 solid hours.

Start & Stop: Nazca, Peru to Puquio, Peru

Mileage: 105 miles

Lodging: Hotel Los Andes, Jr. 9 de Diciembre 286, Puquio, Peru: S/50 or $18 USD

Fuel: 95: $11-13 Sol/gal or $5 USD/gal

Currency Exchange: $1 USD = 2.74 Peruvian Nuevo Sol

Dean: Lisa is still fighting a cough.

Lisa: And losing. I can’t seem to shake this and it’s really wearing on me. By the end of the day I am pooped, especially in the higher elevations.

Dean: Returning to the hotel, we packed up, checked our tires pressures (42psi) and headed to Cusco at noon.  This road is very challenging.  Within 15 miles out of Nazca it climbs a face of a mountain with many over 180 degree switchbacks.  Not a problem in itself but when we rode up into the cloud level visibility was ~25’ and it started to rain.  A challenging road (1st, 2nd and 3rd gear), very limited visibility, constant rain and drizzle, 50km out of Nazca was the Abra Condorcenca Pass 4140m (13,582′).  There was no visibility at all!!  2 hours of this had us soaked and bone chilled cold.

We are paying the price for washing our outer gear and doing a poor waterproofing job.  After 100 miles and 3 hours, we stopped in Puqulo at a place the Copas’ had marked (thank you Jean and Ross!!!!).  It was the only Hotel in this little town and up a side street but marked exactly via GPS.

Lisa gets out of her soaking wet jacket and pants and into dry clothing and crawls into bed with 3 heavy blankets.  It takes a hour for her to feel warm again.

Lisa: Dean doesn’t know what he’s talking about – I put on two pairs of pants, 2 pair of socks and 3 shirts plus a fleece jacket and some stupid thing on my head, then I covered my bed with everything else I have with me for more warmth.  It never actually worked but all that activitiy helped.

Dean: I wonder around the corner looking for somewhere to eat and find a restaurant right below the rooms.  A large bowl of chicken soup, steaming hot tea, and a chicken dinner helps warm us up.

Lisa: Restaurant is a bit of a stretch. It was a room off a kitchen with some tables in it.  The sweet lady who ran the place allowed us in the kitchen to look at the daily fare.  Sign me up for that chicken soup!!  I felt better after eating something and went right back to bed.  The really convenient part is that I didn’t need to change, just take off my shoes, put on my head covering and go to bed, dressed in all my layers.  Livin’ the dream.  I gotta get rid of this crud and tomorrow’s another day.

I actually hate to even write this stuff because Alan wants me to come home to get better.  Sorry babe, as appealing as that is, ain’t happenin’.  I feel certain that all this activity and riding in a frigid wind while soaked to the bone will work its magic!

Dean: The Hotel Los Andes is super Spartan!  No internet, no closets or shelves, no heater or A/C, no toilet seat lid, just a porcelain bowl but steaming hot showers!  Great inside covered parking for the motos.  Hey!  What do you want for $18 USD?

7 comments to Day33-Nazca Lines and the Abra Condorcenca Pass 4140m (13,582′), Sat, Jan 29, 2011

  • Jim Carroll

    Keep Going you two.

    Thank you for all your efforts in keeping us up to speed on your progress.

    Get well and stay well.

    The best is yet to come….

  • Puppychow

    Get well soon! I am sitting here wishing they made an AC adapter with extended cord for our motorcycle heated clothing..would have come in handy!

    Get well soon! I hope the weather is more cooperative for you going forward!

  • John H

    Joe Cool is really Gilbert?
    The things you learn about a guy on a long trip!
    Sorry to hear that the crud is hanging on down there. It is doing the same here in Birmingham. My son is over it finally and I am hacking a lot less this morning, so maybe that is a good sign. Doc recommended remedy: put clean warm salt water in baby nose squirt/suction thingy, squirt it up your nose (and into your sinuses) a few times, lean your head over upside down and let it all drain out. When you blow your nose, don’t pinch your nostrils closed or you will force fluid into your ears, and that will hurt at altitude. Gargle several times with some more clean warm salt water. Do this in the morning and evening. I know, its gross, but seems to work. Hope you can shake the crud soon!

    BTW, is the bag lady head scarf going to replace the black robe at the IBR start?

  • Steve Aikens

    Hey, who’s the blond bombshell movie star in that top right picture Dean? I see she’s protecting her identity behind those awesome sunglasses but it looks like she’s addressing her throngs of admirers and signing autographs….!

    Give the bag lady a hug for me an tell her to hurry and get better.

  • George Basinet

    The CRUD. Boil a half of grapefruit, drink in down hot, jump into bed and sweat, no I mean you will perspire all night long.

    Ride well.


  • Diane Z

    If anyone can push on forward, its Lisa!
    Your trip is very exciting and informative, I really look forward to your postings.
    Get well soon, you are younger than me or I would say, Old Gal!

  • Kevin (AKbeemer)

    Get well soon Lisa!!

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